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GIGANTOSAURUS REX incites with sound what their name suggests, but rather than one that overwhelms an audience, the sound that they create is one that’s inviting—huge and enveloping, and relentless in groove. Each member’s contributions are careful and considered choices that culminate as this unique group sound. Drummer and composer Sean Jefferson, keyboardist Andrew Links, and bassist Tyrone Allen II are all curators of this sound and creators of this improvised space, whose result makes you dance, or else makes you think. 

Compositions develop onstage between all members, sometimes with a framework in mind, but many pieces are gestated in the moment, and of the members’ vigilant perceptions and clarity in communication. In this, the quality of deception in improvisation becomes a goal, allowing the improvised music to invite the thought that the compositions are not spontaneous, but rehearsed. 

To this effect, GIGANTOSAURUS REX has curated certain moments of rehearsed group cohesivity that are to be invoked at any time in the music, playing with its freely improvised nature. All members of the group are required to be absolutely perceptive in order to communicate clearly with one another to catch, reflect, and play these moments. 

The members of GIGANTOSAURUS REX feel that they are advancing in such a way that encourages a holistic experience. An audience member not only hears, but also sees and feels. In order to better suit this, GIGANTOSAURUS REX incorporates a visual element in their performances, as a vehicle for better immersing an audience—expanding listeners into viewers as well. 

This facet of performance is only reflective of the group’s ideals: a complexity and a broadness whose combination becomes new and electric, becomes groove; becomes accessible in light of all things. GIGANTOSAURUS REX says what’s never been said, prioritizing innovation in all areas: sampling, then chopping and distorting audience voices as a part of their improvisations, using recordings of famous quotes as the framework for spontaneous grooves, and creating lights and projections as tools of immersion for a modern audience. 

Beyond all words, GIGANTOSAURUS REX’s sound is one that precludes classification entirely. The only way to describe it is as true and sincere, and enveloping in experience; as something needed to be felt, deeply, in such a way that word cannot describe. 



Bio: Brandon Choi
Photographer: Calum Atkinson

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